Program on Institutional Investors

The newly-established Program on Institutional Investors at Harvard Law School (PII) seeks to contribute to research, policy-making, discourse, and education with respect to institutional investors and issues of interest to institutional investors

Research: PII fosters research about institutional investors and issues of interest to them. For example, PII facilitates research on which rules, arrangements, and practices serve the interests of firms and investors. PII also facilitates discourse about the implications of current research for policymaking in this area.

Harvard Institutional Investor Forum: PII operates the Harvard Institutional Investor Forum. The Forum fosters events, talks, workshops, panels, and conferences on institutional investors and issues of interest to them. This year, the Forum held an Institutional Investor Roundtable in January 2013.

Online Forum: The PII cosponsors the widely-followed Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

Shareholder Rights Project: The PII operates the Shareholder Rights Project, a clinical program that provides services on a pro bono basis to public pension funds and nonprofit charitable organizations seeking to improve corporate governance.

The PII’s Director is Lucian Bebchuk, the Associate Directors are Stephen Davis and , and the Administrative Director is .

A detailed account of the program’s activities for the 2011-12 year can be found in its annual report, available here.